Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time flies......

It's been a while since I have posted on here. Eleven weeks and three days to be exact. In those two months, I have been extremely busy. But, first things first. I promised a long time ago that I would post pictures of my townhouse, so, here is the first batch of pictures.

This is the front of my townhouse. That is my car on the left.

This is the decorations that my roommate and his girlfriend put up for parents weekend. (both of their parents came down and they wanted it to look nice)

This is the front door.

This is what you see when you first enter in through the door. Nice stairs, right?

This is the TV and game system center. We currently have a PS2, X-Box, and GameCube.

Here is the couch that eats you alive. It pretty much has no back to it whatsoever.

Here is the recliner, it is great for napping.

Here is the couch that my neighbors threw out. It works really well.

And here is my "small" collection of DVD's. I currently have 219 DVDs, not counting TV series, in which case, that number is much higher.

So, there is the living room and the front of my house. Stay tuned in for later pictures and weird comments on them. As to life in general, it has been very busy, as I stated earlier. I have been working two (count them TWO) jobs, on top of having four 400 level classes and one 200 level class. I am on schedule to graduate in just about 6 weeks, and I cannot wait. As to what I will do after I graduate, I am planning on working on my Masters in Global Apologetics. I am still trying to work out the details, but I can already see God's hand at work in that too. In minor note, it has gotten quite cold in the past two days. For the first half of this week, the average temperature was around 80 degrees or so. But yesterday and today, it hasn't gotten over 60 degrees. When I got up this morning, it was 48 degrees INSIDE the house. I like cold weather, but not that cold inside. The reason it was so cold is because we didn't turn on the heat last night, therefore, I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, and I was almost late for church. I literally laid in my bed for over 45 minutes not wanting to get out because it was cold. But, God won, and I got up and very quickly got dressed, not from being rushed, but from not wanting to be cold.
Currently, I am copying everything from my laptop to my desktop so I can reformat my laptop. I am almost finished copying everything over; it has gone a lot faster since I found out how to create a workgroup between the two computers. Between that and some homework to finish up, I shall have an..... interesting night.


Karen @Snakes-Snails-Puppydogtails said...

Who is this... actually posting!!?? The townhouse looks great! I can't believe you will graduate in a month!!! Love you!

Kelly said...

wow! You moved stuff around! Any special reason? . . .