Saturday, June 28, 2008

The other one is for fun

So, I haven't written on here for quite a while. I do have a reason. It wasn't because I was extremely busy or tired or ______. It is because I didn't want to write another blog saying, "I am still looking for a job and barely paying bills with "blood" money (actually plasma money is a better description, but it is more fun saying it the other way.). I can, finally, report that I do have somewhat of a job. It isn't everyday, but it is something, enough that with donating, I will finally start to have a little extra cash. I got an email from my boss at the Bookstore on campus. In that email, she sent the schedule for the next two weeks, and I am scheduled to work two days each week. It isn't much, but it is something. I am still waiting to hear back from several other locations, but I am not going to hold my breath. I am still going to try to find another job that will allow me to work the other days that I am not working there. If I find out anything, I will let put something on here. I do want to not have to sell plasma anymore, especially after today. If you have ever had someone "dig" for your vessel, then you can relate to what happened today. Let's just say that my left arm is very sore and I can't bend it completely without wincing in pain. Well, it is 3:45 pm on Saturday the 28th of June and I am sitting in Panera using their free WiFi. I still have to go run a few places, so I need to go. Enjoy the next blog. There are two that I posted, be sure to read both.